Our services are intended for owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and regulators in the following areas:


Project Conceptualization Analysis to properly evaluate the procurement strategies available to accelerate project delivery and implementation.

Claim Prevention Technology

Bid Preparation:

Identification of possible risks to take into consideration when preparing the financial proposal;

Analysis and evaluation of contractual risks caused by problems in the contract between the Owner and the General Contractor and the control of the project between the General Contractor and other parallel General Contractors and/or the Owner’s Subcontractors;

Analysis and evaluation of technical risks caused by errors and omissions in:

Construction documents;

Coordination between the different specialties in the contract documents;

Acquisition of permits;

Construction processes or stages;

Coordination between the different phases of the construction process;

Identification of the required documentation and information to allow the bidder to submit a winning proposal;

Assistance with competitive bidding disputes;

Revision of submitted proposals to determine its responsiveness to the bid documents, terms and conditions, pursuant applicable case-law;

Analysis and evaluation of the bidding process;

Litigation in the administrative and appellate forum of bidding disputes;

Contract Negotiation

Contract Documents Drafting

Project Management and Control

Analysis of Quality Assurance Conflictive Issues

Assistance during project with contract compliance and scope of work issues;

Identification of probable issues of controversies by reviewing the weekly project reports;

Maintenance of the documents control log (construction documents, correspondence between parties, original and updated work schedules, time and cost impact analysis, changed orders, extra work orders)

Assessment and presentation of construction claims and disputes (dispute avoidance and resolution)

Litigation or arbitration of construction disputes regarding:

Construction and design problems

Delay claims

Concurrent delay claims

Disruption/Inefficiencies claims

Different Site Conditions

Scope of work disputes

Constructive and cardinal changes claims

Extended and Job Site Overhead claims

Cost of Idle work and equipment claims

Acceleration and constructive acceleration claims

Breach of Contract and Interpretation of contract provisions

Unlawful contract termination claims

Responsibility for defective or non-conforming work by contractor or sub-contractor

Claims for Time and Money

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